For most people who own a car, the vehicle should not just be functional, it should also be fun to watch as pleasant as it is to drive. But the bodywork of your car is subjected to a severe test (projectiles, climatic conditions). In order to avoid premature wear of time, you can invest in an outdoor car covers.

Car cover not expensive: 

Outdoor car covers are protective covers that cover the entire vehicle. Its function is to protect the bodywork from various external aggressions: stains, dust, projectiles, UV rays. It is available in several shapes, materials or colors according to the desire of the motorist, ideal to offer a personalized touch to the vehicle that is patient in a car park.


Criteria for choosing a cheap car cover

You can buy car covers in retail stores; in automotive specialty stores; at the dealers and even the upholsterers!

The market is consistent. The buyer can quickly feel lost. Here are some tips to ensure you a cheap car cover.

Buy according to your needs

As each car cover has its own characteristics, it is better to make your choice according to the use that you make of it:

If your car is waiting on an open car park and is subject to wind, rain and hot summer weather, it is recommended to choose a durable car cover.

If, on the contrary, your car spends its time in the garage, do not invest a thousand and a hundred: entry-level outdoor car covers will perfectly fulfill its functions by protecting the body from dust and the wear of time.

The different materials available and their price

The reason that the price can go from single to double is often the material in which the car cover is made.

Several possibilities are available to you:

The polyethylene covers:

These are the most affordable on the market. The material, lightweight and flexible, heat resistant and waterproof allows your bodywork a comfortable safety. Only drawback: in case of big heat, the product loses efficiency.

You can find polyethylene covers from € 20 at the entry level.


Nylon covers  :

A little more expensive on the market, they are also the most popular. They respond perfectly to extreme weather conditions and are very resistant.


Good to know: perfect windbreaker, dry matter very quickly in case of rain.

You can find nylon covers from € 30 in the entry.

The lined polyester covers:

Even more expensive, these models provide protection and a shine of the body on the inside.

You can find polyester lined covers from 55 € at the entry level.

PVC covers:

They are relatively inexpensive and provide optimum protection.

You can find polyester lined covers from 40 € at the entry level.

Choice of the supplier

The choice of the professional and the service defines the price of your car cover:

Choosing to buy a standard model in a supermarket or specialty store will provide you with an affordable price;

If your wishes are different, and you want to customize your car by inserting the logo of your company or choose an original background not found on the market, you must call on a company specializing in the manufacture of outdoor car covers or even an upholsterer.

Note: In addition to paying the product, it will be necessary to provide a bonus for the labor.

All of these combined possibilities mean that car covers can be cheap or incredibly expensive.

On average, prices start around 20 Euros for an entry-level and can range up to 150 Euros.

Cheap car cover: some tips to better equip you

Know how to do some research!

Finding the right business on the internet is not impossible. A multitude site offers this kind of article. In the period of sale, or between two collections, prices are often broken. Price comparators are also available to allow you to purchase the most profitable item.

Do not be afraid of a good opportunity!

The car covers can be used: peeling the good ads, or go to some yard sales can allow you great savings.

Make it offer you!

Outdoor car covers are cheap consumables for dealers or automotive professionals. It is not uncommon that after a certain amount has been spent, a gift will be offered.

Inquire about yourself before buying a radio for your car or even refueling at a gas station.