It is highly assuring when your service provider shows up at your doorstep with a legitimate ID.  This is especially true when that service provider is your gas plumber and is Gas Safe registered.


What exactly is “being Gas Safe”?

 The Gas Safe Register has the official records and information of the companies and people in the country who are certified to work with gas appliances in your home or commercial establishment. Initially, it was called CORGI but the Gas Safe Register replaced it in 2009.

Being Gas Safe certified cannot be stressed enough. You cannot have just anyone handling your gas appliances legally, unless they are Gas Safe certified engineers. Essentially, this is for the protection of you and your home or commercial establishment from unsafe handling of gas supplies and appliances.

Why it matters

Gas Safe certified specialists, like the ones at gas safety certificate commercial, have the necessary training and skills to work on your gas appliance.

The training is extremely important because the handling of a boiler, for example, would be hazardous if it is done by people who are under-qualified or incompetent. Work such fitting, maintenance or repair of a gas appliance should only be handled by a trained engineer. Not only are these precautionary measures taken for safety purposes but it is also part of the law. Hence, it would be illegal if anyone who isn’t Gas Safe certified is working on your boiler.

This is highly crucial and cannot be overlooked because it guarantees the safety of you and your family. You can think of it as of as being in a car with a driver who has a driver’s license. Just like you wont get in a car with someone who doesn’t have a license, you should not let non-certified individual to touch the radiators or gas cookers in your house.


How to make sure your service provider is Gas Safe

 You need to choose a known company who are on the Gas Safety Register, for example gas safety certificate commercial. Their certification should be clearly visible on their websites or any other kind of the company’s advertisement. A reliable firm will be more than happy to show their Gas Safe certification. Don’t be hesitant to check the yellow triangle on your engineer’s ID when they come to your home so you can be worry free.

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