Follow the sewing instructions of your guide to making decent ladies dresses. Generally, the sides of the dress are sewn first. Put your fabric upside down and fold the edges on each side by half a centimeter, flattening them with an iron. Then, use a zigzag stitch to sew the front and back together, then topstitch to finish sewing the main piece of the dress. Topstitching will allow the fabric to lie flat along the seam and give a more professional look to your dress.

Follow all the specific instructions on your pattern for sewing additional pieces of your dress.

If your boss tells you to sew something other than the edges first, do it.

Sew the neckline. For a simple neckline, fold the edges of the fabric half a centimeter and iron flat. Use a straight stitch for the collar, to prevent the edges from the fray. You can adjust the depth of the neckline by measuring the distance between your waist and the desired location on your bust and adjust your fabric accordingly.

Make the hem. At the bottom of the dress, fold half a centimeter of fabric for the for the accuracy of decent ladies dresses and iron flat down. If you have one, use a serger to secure the ends and prevent them from fraying. Then, use a straight stitch to secure the folded edge at the bottom of the dress, keeping it in place.

Finish your dress. If you wish, add a zipper on the side or back of your dress to allow easier opening/closing. You can also add lace overlay, ruffles, finishing or beads to your dress for a finishing touch. This is your dress and you have the opportunity to show off your style! So do as you please.

Use a sheet to make a dress. If you have a nice sheet available or want to save money on the fabric, learn how to make a sheet a dress. The elastic of the sheet will prevent the edges of your decent ladies dresses from the fray, while the size of the sheet gives you material to work for cheap.

Lengthen your favorite skirt in dress. If you want to make a beautiful dress quickly, combine a skirt with a pretty T-shirt by following this easy method. You can even choose to make your own top with a simple fabric and sew it to your skirt. It’s a very fast way to go if you’re deadlocked.

Make a 1920s boyish dress. Whether you just love the 1920’s style or are looking for a Halloween dress or a party dress, making your own boyish dress is an easy idea to make. Combine a basic-shaped dress with a few layers of fringes and some sewing skills and voilà! You’ll be ready for the best parties in Gatsby.

Make your own prom dress. Save money and make your dream dress that exactly meets your expectations. Find a pretty boss, the perfect fabric and make your hands your own decent ladies dresses at home! People will be dazzled by your style and your sewing skills.