Try to remember the last party or club you went to. Was it fun? Did it stand out? Compare it in your head with the numerous parties you’ve attended prior to it. Was this last one distinct or was it just another gathering of people with some drinks and loud music? Most of the time, it’s the latter. No one tries to do something different these days. They would rather stick to the script and mimic what works. However, we’ve got a game changer for you that will make your next social gathering a night that no one will forget. An illuminated beast. A performance. An LED lion dance.

What does it do?

This unique party or event attraction will bring a unique feel and vibe to your gathering. It’s made up of two trained individuals who hold the mascot over their heads as they put on a performance for you and your friends. The lions are lined with LEDs that make them stand out even more than they already did. The bright colors of the materials used for the lions add to the vibrant effect that they provide. The choreographed dance moves are in sync with the lighting technology. All of this paired together, makes for a unique work of art.

Is it suited for my party?

The LED lion dance is something that no matter what the occasion will be a great success and vastly appreciated. However, sometimes people may be skeptical as it may take away the focus from the main event. If you’re gather is a casual one and not something formal or one that requires people to focus on speeches, material, or guests, then you’re in the clear. Also, if your party is one in a dim setting, that will just maximize the impact that the lion will have at your event.

Why pick it?

You’ve probably never seen one of these in person. They’re rare, but that’s what makes them so desirable. Having this at your event will make sure you will forever be remembered as the person who brought a dancing lion with lights into everyone’s lives. Of course there are alternatives to this, such as having a disco ball or hiring a DJ. If you’re feeling a little experimental, you may get a smoke machine at most. However, none of these party accessories quite compare to the aura that this prop will have.

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